Cross Roads  Motorplex Race Rules

Maxxis Tire Rule Slicks Only

Silencer Required

If any kart owner/driver, crew or family member has a complaint about scoring,, they must notify track officials within 2 weeks of the race they are complaining about. After 2 weeks scoring is official.

No one is allowed in Scoring Tower at any time.

No one is allowed to stand below the scoring tower and holler at the score keepers and flagman.

The flagman makes all calls and decision. His word is final. If there is to be a discussion with the flagman, it is to be done at the end of the evening. If either of these rules is broken, that Kart will be disqualified.


1. Fighting, the use of alcohol and or drugs are PROHIBITED. Any driver found abusing this rule will be disqualified for the day or night and be told to leave the premises. No alcohol will be tolerated in the pit areas. Anyone caught abusing this rule will be asked to leave the premises and if needed WILL be escorted off by a Law Enforcement Officer.

2. Abusive Language or gestures toward any track official WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION WILL RESULT AND DRIVER WILL BE TOLD TO LEAVE. Anyone approaching the Race Director, Flagman, Turn Marshall, or any official , in an argumentative manner is subject to be ejected from the Racetrack for that event and will cause the associated driver and kart to be black flagged.

3. Must have approved helmet, gloves,neck brace, jacket, or racing shoes on during the event.

4. All drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting. If you DO NOT ATTEND , then you WILL NOT have any rights for an argument later.

5. Drivers and Crew members are responsible for checking the Line-up board for starting positions.

6. No one is allowed on the track but the track officials.


No tools are allowed beyond pump around. No working on kart in the grid. You can use a tire gage to let air out of tires on grid. You cannot put air in a tire on the grid.

8.No working on karts by the pit crew after the race starts. One pit crew member will be allowed to start and/or restart a kart within the first lap of the race. Driver must restart his/her kart after the first lap of the race. Driver or official must perform all work and starting of the kart after the first lap of the race. Red Flag Condition: NO WORKING ON KARTS BY ANYONE! Penalty: BLACK FLAG. Exception at the discretion of the Race Director.

9. After one (1) double file start , karts will be lined up single file from the start of the race. If anyone spins out and the officials determine that the kart held-up the race intentionally, he will be BLACK FLAGGED. Anyone spinning out on the second attempt to start, the race will not be restarted.

10. On the starts, if someone drops out, move straight up.

11. If you leave the track you will NOT be allowed to return to the race.

12. No bumping and rough driving will be tolerated. This rule will be STRICTLY ENFORCED

13. All karts are required to cross the scales after every race. No one is allowed to touch the kart before they go across the scales. If this rule is not complied with, result will be a disqualification.

14. Pit crew or karting participant starting an argument resulting in physical confrontations will be disqualified. No warning will be given.

15. When flagged with the move over flag for one lap and it is ignored, you will be black flagged for that race. When black flagged for any reason, you must leave the track immediately. 

16.  All karts involved in an accident will be placed in the rear of the line-up at restart, regardless if you caused the accident. RED FLAG CONDITION: Stop where you are and wait for further instructions.

17. No one other than the officials or directed individuals are allowed on the track. Penalty: Black Flag of the karter Official's opinion.

18. The top three (3) karts to finish the feature race are to proceed DIRECTLY to the impound area immediately after you leave the scales. You must come to the impound area with the kart AS RACED.

19. If any driver stops on the track, for any problems, and removes their racing gear, they will be considered finished for that race.

20. Any registration competitor may receive last-place finishing points for that race if they make one green flag lap in the feature and report to scales and weigh out.

EXCEPTIONS: If the competitor is injured during practice or while racing he/she may have a replacement driver provided he/she is properly registered in those classes. 

21. All rules are to apply to each competitor equally. Track officials will adhere to these rules. If a problem occurs during a race and the race has already been completed, it's IMPOSSIBLE TO RERUN A RACE. Every effort will be made to insure that the problem does not happen again. We welcome your comments and suggestions, as long as they are made in a calm and rational manner. 

22. Points race rules you must run a points class to sign up for a money class. After first heat has been completed and weather or anything cause the race to be called the race is official.

23. Do not assume any item or rule is legal because specific reference is not made to it in the TECH MANUAL or RULE BOOK. Ask either the Race Director or the Tech Director for clarification on any item or rule that you do NOT understand.